Essays in Esoteric Erudition is a compilation of 100+ articles written over the last 15 years. The dissertations pertain to years of research, study and life experiences related to astronomy, cosmology, religion, social commentary, and political debate. 

B. E. Shaw Sr., aka taskeinc, has a Behavioral Science Degree from National Louis University. 

The author's objective is to disprove primitive sacrosanct myths and cultural stereotyping toward minorities, specifically African Americans. Archaic allegories, superstitions, Episcopal and global nepotism, keep all races divided, benighted, and in the dark. The articles included are based on the desire to find the truth. If one consistently performs independent research, the accuracy of taskeinc's literary compositions will become evident. Shaw Sr.'s themes broach unpopular topics, which creates impartial and constructive debate. 

"TASKE's articles are intimidating, brutally honest, bold, defiant and most are shockingly brilliant." 

~ Mistymistyrose, Associate Article Writer

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TASKE is starting an online book club. The genre will be primarily metaphysical, spiritual, fiction and non-fiction books. If you're interested in joining our online book club, feel free to sign up by clicking the box below. This will send me an email. There will be no spam or bulk emails sent. This book club is all about sharing knowledge. TASKE = Together Acquiring Strength Knowledge & Excellence. 

Recommended reading

Thy Son Liveth

Grace Duffie Boylan (1861–1935) was an American writer who wrote "Thy Son Liveth: Messages From A Soldier To His Mother" It is her account of what her son communicated to her about death using morse code and automatic writing after his death on the battlefield in France during World War I. This book served as the basis for his movie A Rumor of Angels (2001), starring Vanessa Redgrave.

Review: This is a true story about a mother that teaches her young son morse code. He loves this method of communication. He becomes a man and goes to war and specializes in morse code. He is killed in battle... communicates that to his mother after the fact. He instructs her to write a book with the messages of hope to ease the pain of families that have lost loved ones. He tells of what he now does with his time... to assist transitioning souls. This is a quick read and it's central message is clear. Our loved ones are not gone. They are here and we don't need hocus pocus to speak to them. 

Paperback $4.99

Makes Me Wanna Holler

In these pages, McCall chronicles his passage from the street to the prison yard—and, later, to the newsrooms of The Washington Post and ultimately to the faculty of Emory University. His story is at once devastating and inspiring. For even as he recounts his transformation, McCall compels us to recognize that racism is as pervasive in the newsroom as it is in the inner city, where it condemns so many black men to prison, to dead-end jobs, or to violent deaths. At once an indictment and an elegy, Makes Me Wanna Holler became an instant classic when it was first published in 1994. Now, some two decades later, it continues to bear witness to the great troubles—and the great hopes—of our nation.

Paperback $11.53

Destiny of Souls

A pioneer in uncovering the secrets of life, internationally recognized spiritual hypnotherapist Dr. Michael Newton takes you once again into the heart of the spirit world. His groundbreaking research was first published in the bestselling Journey of Souls, the definitive study on the afterlife. Now, in Destiny of Souls, the saga continues with 70 case histories of real people who were regressed into their lives between lives. Dr. Newton answers the requests of the thousands of readers of the first book who wanted more details about various aspects of life on the other side. Destiny of Souls is also designed for the enjoyment of first-time readers who haven't read Journey of Souls.

Kindle $11.99

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