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A f r i c a n S o l v e n c y

Slavery taught black people how to survive but not how to live. This is what we passed on to each other, along with Christianity.

The mentality of our enslaved, emotionally, spiritually, and physically abused ancestors still haunts us in 21st Century America. It hovers over this generation of African Americans like an infectious malodor, eating the flesh of an entire race. When we know the origins of our psychological afflictions, we can do better. We can find collective ways to rise above our condition. By now we should be keenly aware that help is not coming from White America.

Historically, our inherited pious belief system; our medieval methodologies are clearly not the way. In the article, "Black Evangelical Offerings", the statistics reveal startling numbers. There are approximately 34,747,436 African American Christians. The average monthly donation per family (based on the low-end of contributing 5% of your monthly income) is $246 ($58,985 divided by 12 months = $4,915 per month x 5%). Take the $246 and multiply it by 34,747,436 Black Christians and you have an astronomical total of $8,547,869,256 that is handed over to their respective churches. 

Black folks are forking over 8 billion, 547 million, 869 thousand, 256 dollars per month in tithes and 'love offerings'. 

This means there is no return on your investment. You're giving away your hard-earned cash and making the pastors of these sacrosanct edifes RICH.

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E v a n g e l i c a l   O f f e r i n g s

This article by taskeinc will cut directly to the chase. Black folks, you are throwing your money away in the most absurd, the most religiously conditioned ways imaginable.

Here are the numbers and the data to back up this tragic fact.

U.S. Census

Population estimates, July 2019, 328,239,523 people in the U.S.

Black or African American = 13.4% of the U.S. population.

79% of African Americans are Christian

43,984,096 x 79% Christian African Americans = 34,747,436 Black Christians

Most African American Christians do not give 10% of their 'required' tithes and offerings. Some give more, but most give less. The calculations are based on the low end at an average of 5% monthly that Black people donate to their respective churches.

Household Income in the United States

Mean household income (average income earned by American households) in the United States, according to the US Census Bureau 2014 Annual Social and Economic Supplement, was $72,641.

Racial Breakdown:

  • Asian: $114,105
  • White: $89,632
  • Hispanic or Latino: $68,319
  •  Black: $58,985 - Average monthly gross income for African Americans in the U.S. 

divided by 12 months = $4,915 per month.

$4,915 x 5% = $245 average per month - per family - donated to the church.

34,747,436 Black Christians x $245 = 8,513,121,820 = 8 billion, 513 million, 121 thousand, 820 dollars... spent per month in tithes and offerings.

I'll give you a minute to pick yourself up off the floor before I continue.

Albert Einstein's definition of insanity: 

"Doing the same things over and over again and expecting different results." 

So I'll ask the question. Are African Americans insane? It's a fair question when you see - in black and white - the amount of money, collectively, that black folks are giving to the church. Mind you, a good percentage of your donations filter up to the Roman Catholic Church and the Vatican, the hoarders of the world's wealth, along with the one percent financially elite.

This explains why the Church, and especially the Pope, never stepped in to put an end to Chattel Slavery; never stepped in to prevent the Holocaust; to stop wars for profit; to prevent the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. 

Is not the Pope considered the "Vicar of Christ", or the "representative of Christ on earth"? He certainly has the finances to do so. To humanity's misfortune, practically every single Pope dating back to St. Peter, St. Linus, St Anacletus, and up to the present Pope Francis, has been silent regarding the skulduggery of our world. This is beside the point, but who bestowed these nefarious men with the epithet of "Saint"

My brothers and sisters if we want to be treated and respected as first-class citizens of the United States, we must stop throwing away our money. For heaven's sake, God doesn't need your money. Money is an inanimate object, which means that our Creator - 100 percent energy, 100 percent LOVE, 100 percent Spirit - has no use for your money.

As Felix Martin wrote in Money: The Unauthorized Biography:

“The problem is that money is not really a thing at all but a social technology: a set of ideas and practices which organize what we produce and consume and the way we live together. When it comes to money itself – rather than the tokens that represent it, the account books where people record it, or the buildings such as banks in which people administer it – there is nothing physical to look at…But currency is not itself money…Coins and currency, in other words, are useful tokens to record the underlying system of credit accounts and to implement the underlying process of clearing these accounts.”

It's time!


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